The Go Go Gadget Project

Guidelines for the Effective Use of BYOD in VET Research Project

Funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy

The results are in!

Thank you to the 193 people from all states and territories who participated in our “Go Go Gadget” Survey of BYOD in VET around Australia. The results were very interesting and will certainly go a long way to informing the creation of the BYOD Guidelines for VET report. The report will become available mid-year, but for now, here’s a quick video to share a couple of the details – and the moment we’ve all been waiting for – discovering who the lucky winner of the ASUS tablet is!


Submitted an entry but didn’t win? There’s good news for 71% of you. If you reported that your Registered Training Organisation is supporting BYOD, you can have another shot at winning a Go Go Gadget! We’ll be back in contact in a few weeks with another short survey designed to gain greater insight into what has and hasn’t been working out, and why.
The findings from both surveys will be used to inform the development of “BYOD Guidelines for VET” and self-audit tool, under the New Generation Technologies business activity projects, funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy.
The competition blog post also gained some interesting and insightful comments from a range of VET professionals, relating to their own experiences and opinions relating to BYOD in VET. It’s worth a look.
A big thanks to our sponsors at ASUS who supplied the tablet prize to help the survey along.


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