The Go Go Gadget Project

Guidelines for the Effective Use of BYOD in VET Research Project

Funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy

Go Go Gadget Grabs!

The National VET E-learning Strategy commissioned this project to help RTOs to avoid duplicating effort in researching, devising and implementing Bring Your Own Device policies and procedures for VET. We have been busily conducting a review of the available literature on current practice in BYOD in education.

There is a fair bit to consider when tackling BYOD in your RTO.

There’s lots to to consider when tackling BYOD in your RTO.

We have summarised the headlines into a series of short video grabs that will save your RTO time.

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Bring Your Own Device guidelines for Registered Training Organisations Research Project – Introduction

We’re excited to commence the “BYOD Guidelines for VET” Research Project, funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy. We’ve nicknamed the project the “Go Go Gadget Project”. We think that the mobility and fit-for-purpose nature of the technology that Penny, Brain and Gadget were using back then was a sneak preview of the capability and adaptability of mobile technologies commonly found in RTOs around the country today.

The opportunities and pitfalls are plentiful and the aim of this project is to assist RTOs of all styles to navigate their way through the booby traps – so that they can really start to unleash the power of Bring Your Own Device practice for delivery, assessment, communication, learning management and RTO operations and compliance. All this, without impacting the owner’s use of their personal device.

Check out this first episode of Elan Telly to find out more:

Get in on the action by participating in the consultation, sharing your war stories and tales of success in Bring Your Own Device practice in VET. We’re looking to hear from RTOs of all kinds – please get on board! We’ll be sending an online survey around in the next week or two, so do us a big favor and fill it out!

If you have an example of an interesting BYOD story – please drop us a line.

And if you’re a bit hazy on the details of Inspector Gadget, here’s a little reminder: