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Guidelines for the Effective Use of BYOD in VET Research Project

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Words of Wisdom for BYOD #1

The first case study that the research team is developing comes from the Australian Maritime College, an institute of the University of Tasmania. AMC has a nationally and globally- distributed student base and use BYOD to access learning infrastructure and resources.

Watch this short clip to hear Dr Marcus Bowles (Adjunct Professor at AMC/UTAS) share his top tip for any RTO considering implementing BYOD for accessing learning and assessment content both on- and off-campus.

"Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) refers to using staff, learners’ & guests’ own mobile devices (such as laptops, smart phones and tablets) to access the RTO network and possibly servers without impacting their own personal use of their gadgets. This practice might take place inside or outside the physical RTO environment."

Our definition of BYOD for the purposes of this project