The Go Go Gadget Project

Guidelines for the Effective Use of BYOD in VET Research Project

Funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy

Win a Go Go Gadget!

Win a brand new 2014 series tablet from ASUS (valued at $399)!

We’re assembling a current picture of the uptake of BYOD practice in VET in Australia – and we need your help!

Whether or not your RTO is supporting Bring Your Own Device practice, complete this very brief survey and go into the draw.

Thank you to every one who responded and the survey is now closed.

 Go into the draw to win one of these! ASUS VivoTab Note 8

Win one of these (an 8-inch Windows Tablet with Stylus, valued at $399)
ASUS VivoTab Note 8


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  1. What a cool prize

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. The introduction and use of these technologies is greatly helping to improve efficiency and offer clients a better service in an ever changing business environment.

  3. Cathy

    Sounds like an interesting project – can’t wait to se the results and guidelines

  4. Di

    Great prize and most useful. Early stages for us in encouraging students with these technologies.

  5. There is much opportunity to do this in my field and I will be looking towards implementing this kind of thing more this year.

  6. John

    Thank you. Our organisation is about to release a BYOD policy. With more of our training and learning going on-line, and mobile, it’s an interesting time. I’m involved in training in a Safety role, and in moving some of that to eLearning. So it’s especially exciting for me.

  7. gayle

    This is a great initiative- we have a range of students and abilities- and the biggest issue that we have is our IT infastructure regarding supporting use of their own device, so I will be watching this space for your project and outcomes.

  8. Tanya Schneider

    In teaching students with a disabiltiy we greatly encourage students to bring their own devices to assist their own individual learning. Live this concept.

  9. Rhonda Ebeling

    We are so far behind in the use of BYOD technology it’s not funny. Wifi access for one is patchy at best. Staff don’t know how to use the technology and are reluctant to do so sticking to the old ways – photocopying huge booklets and handing them out to illiterate learners who can use their mobile phones to access a YouTube video quicker than their teacher can ban iPhones from the room. There is no real training and those who are converts are because they spend inordinate amounts of they own time playing with devices attending workshops at their own cost and paying for Telstra 3 G so they can get access to the internet. Most hilarious instance was when a savvy student decided to photograph the whiteboard notes to keep a copy for reference later students started to copy the idea and the teacher nearly had a breakdown for privacy reasons HT rings in a panic ” can they do that?” Well actually they have been doing it for years you just need how to encourage and manage the BYOD revolution!

  10. Sharon

    BYOD is definitely an area we would like to explore further. Especially to tie it in with distance learning!

  11. With the ever-increasing compliance, including evidence requirements, it is almost essential to use these devices to cover all aspects. Ideally they should be used to motivate learners and capture their evidence most efficiently during their normal work & learning tasks or activities. They should allow trainers and assessors to focus on learners and not be trapped in a mire of ‘administrivia’ and ‘paperwork’.
    …dream on! a huge amount of work has to be done to reach this ideal situation!

  12. Kathleen Zarubin

    have shared it on face book -( a FB / LI – link to share and like would have been a good idea – & great prize

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